A registered account, RRSPs guarantee a competitive interest rate on daily balances. Learn more


A secure way to invest your money, GICs are also an attractive alternative for their competitive interest rates, flexible terms and government-backed deposit insurance. Learn more


Receive income from your matured RSP and defer income tax on the undrawn portion with this income fund.  Learn more


Members with a disability, or those caring for one, can benefit from this long-term savings plan that allows savings to grow tax-deferred and offers matching grants and bonds from the Government of Canada.  Learn more


Save up to $5,500 a year, out of after-tax income, and pay no additional taxes on the investment returns on those funds with this attractive option. Learn more

Term Deposits

Available for 3- and 5-year terms, these deposits offer a rate of return that is linked to the performance of the S&P/TSX 60 Index. Benefit from high rate of return, without the typical risk of stock or mutual fund investments. Learn more

Mutual Funds

No-front load, no-rear load, no-deferred load and no fees if you redeem or reconfigure your portfolio. We offer a full range of no-load mutual funds that makes IC Savings a great place for your investments. Learn more


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