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Our Story

Taking a common sense approach to mortage lending 


Not every client can easily be qualified. For those who are not, our business development and underwriting specialists work with mortgage brokers to offer custom lending solutions that will help their clients. 

Our approach at IC Savings is simple and straightforward: we always use a thoughtful process to guide our lending decisions.

That means we will take the time that’s needed to understand the underlying circumstances of an applicant's situation. Perhaps it’s bruised credit, or a significant life event that’s temporarily affected their finances. Maybe they are new immigrants with little to no credit history. In each and every case, we will take those individual circumstances into consideration, because not every aspect of an applicant’s story can be understood by an algorithm or an automated adjudication model, that ends up treating everyone the same. 

​Specializing in common sense lending

For more than 20 years, our team has put its vast experience and first-hand knowledge to work with hundreds of residential and commercial mortgage brokers across Ontario. We are ready to do the same for you. 

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A trio of client stories

Learn how we review broker submissions and help borrowers reach their goals. 


Our Self-Employed Program

Meet Sarah and Mike, self-employed homeowners who decided to keep an existing property as a rental and bought another home for their family.


Refinance: Debt Consolidation

Sayeed and Mika were looking to refinance their home and consolidate debt. Here's how we helped.


Our Rental Program

Even with clean credit and a significant down payment, the main challenge for Sahil and Ananya was qualifying for a new rental purchase. Learn how we helped.