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Frequently Asked Questions


Receiving supporting documents up front can assist with our underwriting review. IC Savings does not have a lender portal; the assigned underwriter will contact you at the time of our review to request documents as needed. This may include income documentation, down payment verification, the original offer or MLS listing or “business for self” documents that you may have on hand.


To keep the process running smoothly and efficiently, our funding team will only instruct the lawyer once all conditions are met.


While you can submit an application without any sign-up, rest assured our set-up is quick and easy. If, however, you choose to submit without prior sign-up, we will receive your application through our submission platform and will contact you. Then, it’s always best to reach out to the BDM in your area for product information first.


You’ll be happy to hear that your clients will not need to head into one of our branches to sign documents. 


IC Savings specializes in alternative lending. For those clients who are harder to qualify, we’ve got a mortgage solution.  We can assist Business for Self-Stated Income or credit-challenged applicants as well as investment clients looking for a flexible rental program. Also, look to us when you have a commercial lending inquiry and so much more. Talk to your BDM about our many options.


The borrower will automatically become a member of our credit union at the time the mortgage is advanced. We are happy to take care of the nominal membership fee of $5 at time of mortgage closing.