Fundo de Apoio IC Savings

In 2009, the local Portuguese Canadian community welcomed IC Savings into its community. We remain honoured by its confidence in us as its financial partner.

This community is an important part of our success and Fundo de Apoio IC Savings is intended to help us achieve our mission of building value for our members and the communities where they live and work.

Through this support fund, donations and grants will be made available to registered local charities, community groups and associations that are committed to enhancing the Portuguese Canadian footprint in the Greater Toronto Area through direct-impact and community-based programs and services.

Our Community Advisory Board

Interested organizations are invited to apply for funding, and these requests will be reviewed by our Community Advisory Board. We've drawn upon the knowledge and experience of these respected members from this community to do this. They include:

•    Frank Alvarez, President and CEO of FPTV
•    Luis Arruda, MBA, FCIP, FRM, President and Principal Broker, The Regional Insurance Services Inc.
•    Luzia Oliveira,
•    Jack Prazeres, President, Senso Building Supplies


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