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Whatever your goal, we can help make it happen

Whether you need to make a large purchase or consolidate debt, we can help you reach your goal with a borrowing solution that’s right for you.


Choose what's right for you



Activate a line of credit on your Perfetto. account to deal with life’s unexpected expenses or to bring your big plans to life. Your deposits, such as your pay, pension or other government benefit payments, will reduce your debt and the interest you pay.


With one of the lowest interest rate programs in the industry, our range of first and second mortgage options can prepare you to pay off your mortgage sooner.

​Loans and Credit Lines

Whether a needed renovation, a family vacation, or a rainy day, borrowing from IC Savings could be the difference between a dream and a reality.

Visa* Credit Cards

Choose what’s right for you from a full range of Visa* personal credit cards. From cash back to travel rewards and more, we can help find the one best suited to your needs.


Learn everything you need to know about your borrowing options and the application process with our help.


View our range of borrowing options and competitive rates.