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Perfetto.​® Line of Credit

With a flexible line of credit1, Perfetto. is also a powerful borrowing solution. The credit line is set up once and you can borrow up to your approved limit whenever and as often as you like. Then, every dollar you deposit into Perfetto. reduces both your debt and interest costs. 

With deposits working to reduce your balance, Perfetto. is the account that’s ready to handle it all. Learn about its other features here. Now that’s perfect banking.®

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Key Features


Combines your banking and borrowing
Easily track and manage your saving, spending and borrowing from one place.

Borrow only what you need 
And pay interest only on the funds you’ve drawn. 

Competitive interest rate
When secured, the credit line comes with a more competitive rate than an unsecured loan.

Flexible payment schedule
Set the pace that works for you to repay what you’ve borrowed.

Earn high interest
Enjoy a daily interest savings rate of 0.45% per annum. 2

Enjoy unlimited day-to-day transactions
Free deposits, Interac e-Transfer transactions and withdrawals such as bill payments and point-of-sale purchases. 3


Benefits you can enjoy all the time


Deposit Protection

Learn more about deposit insurance.


Bank ding free

Pay no surcharge fees at participating ATMs. Learn more


Bank 24/7

Online, mobile or at ATMs


Visit Us

Personal service & advice with complimentary espresso.


Account Fees

Monthly Fee  None
Deposit Anywhere™ – Directly deposit cheques using a mobile device Free
Credit transactions –  Deposits made in branch, by electronic fund transfer (EFT), at one of our ATMs Free
Debit transactions – Personal cheques, withdrawals6 and transfers7 Free
Purchases – Debit or point-of-sale (POS) transactions Free
Interac  e-Transfer® – Send money to another Canadian bank account Free
Interac e-Transfer® – Receive money from another Canadian bank account Free
Monthly eStatement Free
Monthly statement - Printed and mailed Free


Click here for more information about all other account services and related fees.


Terms and Conditions

1 The line of credit is subject to a standard qualification process.

2 Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly. Rate, as advertised, for personal accounts up to $500,000 CDN. Portion of balance above $500,000 will earn 0.05% p.a..

3 Defined as credit transactions, including deposits made in branch, by electronic fund transfer (EFT), at one of our ATMs or with Deposit Anywhere™, our mobile cheque deposit service; debit transactions, including personal cheques, withdrawals made in branch, by EFT or at one of our ATMs; and transfers made in branch, online or at one of our ATMs.