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​Create a nest egg with an RDSP

A tax-sheltered government plan, the Registered Disability Savings Plan is designed to help Canadians with disabilities prepare for their future. Save up to a maximum of $200,000.

Eligible deposits in registered accounts have unlimited coverage through the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA).

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Benefit from the savings power of an RDSP


Grow your money faster – Savings grow tax-free until withdrawn, so interested is compounded faster.

Anyone can contribute – Whether friends or family, anyone can add savings to an RDSP, and contributions are tax deductible.

Control your future – Once an RDSP beneficiary reaches the age of majority, they become the legal holder of the account.

Benefit from government support – Grow your savings even faster with grants and bonds made available by the federal government.

Hold a number of investments – Qualified investments such as term deposits, investment savings accounts, stocks and mutual funds can be held in your TFSA.


We can help provide security and peace of mind to people living with a disability. Let us answer all your questions.


How much will I save?

Use our RDSP Calculator to estimate how much annual income you can rely on from your disability savings, and how government grants will contribute.