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A beaming student graduates from the financial literacy program, supported by IC Savings.

​Banking with a higher purpose

Our focus is co-operative banking while our passion is community development in the neighbourhoods where our members work and live.


Discover the difference co-operative banking can make


At IC Savings we believe that our profits should have a higher purpose. Not only are our profits returned to our members in the form of great rates and services, they are invested to do good in the community for the benefit of our members.


​Fundo de Apoio IC Savings

Through this support fund, grants are made available to registered local charities, community groups and associations that are focused on enhancing the Portuguese Canadian footprint in the Greater Toronto Area while delivering direct-impact, community-based programs and services.

Our funding cycle is currently closed. 

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​We've come a long way

It all began with a charter. Since opening our doors in Woodbridge more than 20 years ago, our credit union has focused on adding value for the benefit of our members. Together, we've achieved a lot we can be proud of.

CEO and board members with The Hon. Mike Harris, at official launch announcement..