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Reviewing investment statements with IC Savings branch manager.

Investing that helps your money grow

Whether you’re just starting to save or you already have a portfolio, our focus is on personalizing an investment roadmap that works for you. Let’s explore your options – together.


The tools to get you there


A secure way to invest, a GIC is also an attractive alternative for its competitive interest rate and flexible terms of 1 to 5 years.

Not only do we offer a full range of no-load mutual funds and professional portfolio management, there are no fees if you redeem or reconfigure your portfolio.

With this registered fund, you can receive income, at the age of 71, from your matured RSP, and defer income tax on the undrawn portion. 

If you are living with a disability or care for someone who does, the RDSP, with its government bonds and grants, can help you save for long-term financial security.

Give your child a head start with an RESP.  The savings you invest for your child’s post-secondary education grow tax-free and faster with government grants and bonds. 

This personal investment account guarantees a competitive interest rate on daily balances while your savings grow on a tax-deferred basis. Start small and early, with automatic contributions.

Use this registered plan to work towards your savings goal. Set money aside and grow your savings tax-free. You also don’t pay taxes or a fee on any withdrawals.  

Generally offering a higher rate of interest than a traditional savings account, these secure investments are available in Canadian and foreign currencies, and our index-linked term deposits offer a rate of return based on the S&P and TSX 60 indexes.


Benefits of your membership


Products and advice
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We put our profits back in the community. That's banking with a higher purpose.


Want to invest but not sure where to start?

We can help you with everything from defining your goals and risk threshold to identifying and setting up the right investments. 

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