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​Help your employees save for their future

Employees can choose from diversified investment portfolios offered within the plan, making automatic contributions from their payroll.

Skilled employee uses heavy machinery at factory.

Group Retirement Savings Plan


Attracting and keeping talented, skilled workers is one of the keys to building a successful business, and a group retirement savings plan can be a strong offering within your overall employee benefits program. 

Access some of the best fund managers in the world

Join the IC Savings Group Retirement Savings Plan.  Available to members for their own employees, this plan – similar to the one our own employees, including our CEO, participate in – can be customized and built to suit your business objectives and the future plans of your employees. 

Benefit from tax savings, tax-sheltered growth as well as these other plan features:  

  • Access to institutional investment managers at preferred fees

  • No initial or deferred sales charges

  • Flexibility to transfer in other registered plans

  • Reliable plan administration
  • Secure website to manage your account 24/7
  • Annual statements with quarterly statements available online
  • Support hotline for employees to access fund and plan information

No commissions

Our branch managers and investments advisors are never paid commissions. That means we always work in your best interest and you can be confident that we’ll help you make the right decisions for you and your business.