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Convenient account services at a glance

We offer our members a variety of convenient account services, beginning with the more popular ones featured below.

Convenient account services at-a-glance

We offer our members a variety of convenient account services, beginning with the more popular ones featured below.


It doesn't have to be a hassle. With ClickSWITCH, it's simple to transfer your bank account, including any associated direct deposits and recurring payments, to our credit union quickly and safely. 

​Deposit Anywhere™  

Deposit cheques with your smartphone or tablet, anywhere, day or night. Deposit Anywhere is a safe, convenient and free service that allows you to take a picture of a cheque and directly deposit it into your account in less than a minute. A real timesaver for business members too.

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​Direct Deposit & Pre-Authorized Payments

Save yourself the trip to a branch. Register to either have your payroll or other recurring deposits, such as Canada Revenue Agency refunds and payments, electronically deposited into your preferred account, or to automatically pay recurring bills from your transactional account.

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​Drafts and Cheques

It's easier than ever to order or even stop cheques through online banking, or if you prefer, with a visit to your branch. Then, consider a draft or certified cheque when funds must be guaranteed. Available in Canadian and US dollars and euros at our branches.

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​Foreign Exchange

Get cash when you need it. Members of our credit union can purchase US dollars and euros at exceptional exchange rates. Call ahead when larger amounts are needed.

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​INTERAC e-Transfer®

It's an easy and secure way to transfer money from anywhere to anyone. All that’s needed is access to online or mobile banking. Send to or receive funds from anyone with a bank account at a Canadian financial institution, using an email address or a mobile phone number.

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​Me-to-Me Transfers

Moving funds from one financial institution to another is easy with MemberDirect Me-to-Me Transfer. Securely transfer money to and from any accounts that you hold at another financial institution.

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​Wire Transfers

Use wire payments to send and receive funds internationally. Whether doing business across borders or sending money to family, you can securely transfer funds in most major currencies.

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Additional Services and Related Fees

From time to time, you may need services in addition to those highlighted on this page. We also offer others beyond those considered day-to-day banking transactions.