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All about Fundo de Apoio IC Savings


Please note that our current funding cycle is now closed.


We proudly put our financial resources to work where it matters: in the communities where ourmembers live and work. Fundo de Apoio IC Savings is intended to help us achieve our missionof building value for all our benefit.

Through this support fund, grants have been provided, since 2017, to registered local charities,community groups and associations that are committed to enhancing the Portuguese Canadianfootprint in the Greater Toronto Area since.


Our Community Advisory Board


We draw upon the knowledge and experience of these respected community members.

Frank Alvarez, President and CEO of FPTV

Luis Arruda, MBA, FCIP, FRM, President and Principal Broker, The Regional Insurance ServicesInc.

Luzia Oliveira

Jack Prazeres, President, Senso Building Supplies


We ask that the following information be included in your application:

  • Name of the registered charity, community group or association
  • Registered charitable number
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Name of individual(s) submitting the application and contact e-mail(s)
  • Level of financial support that is being requested
  • Timeline for implementation. Please note that projects submitted for funding should ideally be well underway or completed by the end of our current fiscal year (January 31).

In 250 words, please explain the social, cultural and/or economic impacts and expected outcomes that this investment will support. The application must clearly communicate the impact(s) of this investment.

You are also invited to provide any back-up documentation like annual reports, letters of support and financial statements, if available, to support your submission.

If you have questions about what needs to be included in the application package, please send an e-mail to

  • Preference for grants and donations will be given to registered charities, organizations or associations that have an existing business relationship with our credit union through any of its branches in the Greater Toronto Area, or the likelihood of establishing one in the future.
  • The recipient must operate in the surrounding community where our credit union does business. Click here for our locations.
  • If the recipient does not, then the recommended project or activity must demonstrate value to the Portuguese Canadian community.
  • Preference will be given to organizations with local chapters, not national or international offices.
  • Funds will be allocated to direct-impact and community-based services and programs only, not for advertising or promotional campaigns or events like sport or golf tournaments or conferences.
  • The recipient cannot already raise funds for a charity, or be a private foundation.
  • Whenever possible, the recipient should provide financial statements and information about its governance practices.