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Depositing cheques is a snap.

With Deposit Anywhere™, it is also very secure. Deposit a cheque whenever and wherever it suits you.

Credit union member deposits a cheque by taking a photo with a smartphone.

With Deposit Anywhere™, you can quickly and securely deposit a cheque with your smartphone or tablet, anywhere, day or night. Offered at no charge, this service is as secure as physically cashing your cheque at one of our branches.

Whether you’re at coffee with friends, at work, or staying up late to get your banking done, use our mobile banking app to deposit Canadian dollar cheques directly to your preferred Canadian currency account in less than a minute.

For small business owners, Deposit Anywhere can help you stay on top of your cash flow. Whether you're at the office, on a job site, or working overtime to get your banking done, there's no need to let your incoming cheques accumulate. Deposit them instantly into your business account using your mobile device. 

To use this service, you’ll need to first register for online banking and download our mobile banking app, which is available for iPhone and Android.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the IC Saving mobile banking app on your mobile device.
  2. Select your account and enter the amount.
  3. Snap photos of the front and of the back of your cheque.
  4. Confirm the details and tap “Submit”.

That’s all there is to it. Simple and secure. And don’t worry if your photos are blurry or too dark. The app will prompt you to retake them, so you never have to worry about having your deposits reversed.  

 Graphic linking to Google Play to download IC Savings mobile banking app.      Graphic linking to Apple's AppStore to download IC Savings mobile banking app.