Online Banking

Whether you're at home, at work or on the go, bank online any time of the day, using your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Young man working on his laptop.

To register accounts for this service, members are encouraged to contact their home branch. 

Increased Authentication

For an additional layer of security, you will be required to provide increased authentication when logging onto online banking from a device that isn’t registered as trusted. When you first register for online banking, you will need to select three security questions. When using a non-trusted device, you will be prompted to enter your account credentials and answer one of your three security questions to prove your identity.

Registering your device for faster log-ins

Speed up the log-in process by registering your device(s) as trusted. When you log in from a trusted device, you are not required to provide increased authentication. Registering your home computer and personal devices is recommended for faster log-ins, but you should not register shared or public computers. Cookies are used to identify registered computers. If you clear your cookies, you will have to re-register your computer.

For Business Members: MemberDirect® Small Business Services
Designed to meet the unique needs of small and micro-businesses, this service is an option for:

  • Micro-businesses (five employees or less)
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Incorporated and unincorporated businesses including sole proprietors, partnerships or community associations

MemberDirect Small Business Services includes features that will allow business members to:

  • Move money between business and personal accounts at IC Savings
  • Access personal and business accounts with a single log-in
  • Set up users and delegates, granting permissions to view account activity and/or initiate transactions on a member's accounts
  • Interested in learning more about MemberDirect Small Business Services and whether it's the right fit foryour business? Talk to us. We're ready to help.