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Member Card® debit card

With its secure chip feature, your card is a powerful access key to everyday banking. 

Customer pays for groceries by tapping debit card.

Enabled with Interac Flash®, the Member Card debit card is a secure way to pay for everyday items, with just one tap, at thousands of retailers and merchants across Canada. Learn more about the security behind Interac Flash.

Higher Interac Flash limits for everyday purchases

As of December 2020, members need only take one simple action to activate Flash limit increases on their card: enter their PIN for three consecutive point-of-sale (POS) transactions to activate the new limits of $250 for a single transaction and $400 for a cumulative spend. 

These contact transactions can be completed at different POS terminals. So, for example, at the grocery store, followed by a purchase at the pharmacy, then paying for gas.

Once a trio of contact transactions are made in a row, the new limits are activated and members can then tap for subsequent purchases. Learn more.


With your confidential personal identification number (PIN), your debit card is how to pay for purchases in-store, or get cash anywhere in Canada, in the US or around the world.

Travelling in Canada
Enjoy free deposits, surcharge-free withdrawals, transfers and balance inquiries at participating ATMs on THE EXCHANGE® or ACCULINK® networks. With 4,500 ATMs, it’s a network bigger than that of most banks. Learn more

Travelling to the US
To withdraw funds from an ATM, look for the Accel logo. There are more than three million merchants on the Accel network; use your debit card to pay for purchases at these locations.

Travelling internationally
To withdraw funds, use your card at ATMs with a MasterCard/CIRRUS logo in some 210 countries worldwide.


Has your Member Card debit card been lost or stolen? 
For your security and protection, call us to cancel your card immediately.

  • During regular business hours, call your home branch
  • For after-hours support, phone, toll-free, from anywhere in Canada: 1-888-277-1043

For verification purposes you will be asked to provide either your Member Card debit card number, your name and account number(s) at the credit union, or your social insurance number and birth date to complete the cancellation.

Safety tips to protect against fraud
Your debit card is like a key to your account. Protect yourself against fraud with these tips. Learn more.